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Restoration of staircase in 1860 Victorian.



Pressure treated or composite.
Additional accessories...planters, lights, built-in chairs or benches shaped for comfort.
Multi-level designs, any shape or size.
Variety of railings and newels.


Customer Comment:

"I own a 100 year old home. Remodeling an older home takes alot of time and money. Over the years my husband and I have hired three different contractors to do the remodeling. "They" were people we knew and trusted. However, we were not satisfied or impressed with their work. Suddenly in August 2005, I lost my husband and was faced with much needed outside repairs. After much discussion and advice about the repairs that needed done, I signed Mr. Hosler's contract. I have had so many friends and neighbors stop by or call to complement me on the work done on the house. The complements really go to Thom. I observed first hand the time, patience and pride he takes in his trade. Cleaning up after himself is a "big" plus for me. I certainly would recommend Mr. Hosler's carpentry to anyone. He is dependable and will take the time to make sure you are satisfied with the work he has done." Mrs. Carol Ann Everden


Craftmanship and skills to meet special construction needs. Rolling closet designed to maintain Victorian integrity of room. Closet locks into door frame and rolls into a walk-in attic when needing to use attic space. Closet can be unlocked and gently pushed away from door frame by the user's foot.